As a staple of virtually every diet worldwide, bread is fundamental to our lives, yet so few of us actually make it ourselves. Why? Is fear of failure stopping us from enjoying this very special pleasure?

This project revolves around the concept of creating a platform for people to learn and explore baking bread by examining the techniques and redesigning the tools that are needed. It provides people with one bread recipe, one technique, and one specific tool at every stage. Bread types are divided into “no-kneading” and “kneading breads”. The recipes become more complex by adding other ingredients, for instance, glazing. Every recipe kit comes in two forms, one containing all of the raw ingredients and necessary tools, and the second containing just the raw ingredients for those who already have the tools.

iota aims to internalize the ideas behind the process of baking bread. The users learn through making. Every success makes them more confident, until they no longer need to rely on the recipes. Eventually they learn to create their very own recipes and experience their own unique home-made breads.

The charts were developed as visual tools to aid the customer's understanding of the system.


Description: Acrylic, wood

Year of design: 2013