Iranian carpet, pronounced farsh, meaning “to spread” are used in the house as furniture. However, their meaning has changed and it is understood only as floor decoration in other cultures. This project is a celebration of the Iranian carpet as a form of art and a functional object. The goal is to re-contextualize this culturally rich object for the contemporary lifestyle.

The final structure functions both as a display which brings attention to the carpets’ value and also as a seat. This creates two states for the object, one is when the carpet is rolled up to create a seat for one person, another is when the carpet is rolled out and becomes a seat for two people. 

The structure is made of steel rod and wool. The skin is a woven cloth inspired by a traditional carpet pattern known as Bakhtiari


Description: Acrylic, wool

Dimensions: 36" width x 38" Lenght x 18" Height 

Year of design: 2012